We are pleased to announce our latest project, Okko Golf, located in the beautiful Slovak countryside near the Tatra Mountain Range. The course is included in a large resort community development that will be a showcase in the region. We have developed the overall Master Plan for the resort, finalized the golf course design, and are now consulting with the clients on the clubhouse and golf bungalow designs that will be incorporated into the project.

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With the construction of new golf courses waning in the United States, what's a golf course designer to do?

If you're Branden Wilburn, you start developing courses in new markets, such as Eastern Europe and Asia. And you move to the Charlotte region so you can get to faraway countries more easily.

An Indiana native who grew up on a farm, Wilburn, 32, previously lived in Florida. He's also spent time in Slovakia -- where his wife, Daniela, was born -- and in Scotland. Since December, his firm, Golf Design Studio, has been based in Huntersville, with offices in Florida and Slovakia.

MoneyWise spoke with Wilburn about the best markets for golf course construction, the benefits of a Charlotte-area headquarters and the challenges of building courses in foreign countries.

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